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August 1862 Home

Weather by being boilt down to 60 per cent of sugar. By diluting with water to 25 per ct. sugar, it will then ferment & make an excellent wine
No news of importance in the papers.
I sent off today 6 boxes grapes to Charleston & 6 baskets peaches to Summer Ville

T. 19 I sent off today 6 boxes grapes to Charleston. Feel better than I did yesterday, but still weak. No news of importance in the papers

W. 20 Rain nearly all the morning - I have picked no grapes today for market. By the papers, it is announced that Martial law in Charleston is abolished until there is necessity again for it.
No important news - We get a synopsis of the Presdts message.
Mr Yancey had given notice of amending the rules, so as to abolish Secret Sessions, except for special reasons

Th. 21 I went in this morning with Mary to attend the meeting of the Pomological Assn I carried Warren, Pauline & Saluda grapes.
Nothing of special note in the papers

  • Title

    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1862: Page 155

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  • Subject

    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    Ravenel family

    Fungi of Carolina

    Illustrated by Natural Specimens of the Species

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    Berkeley County (S.C.)--History--19th century

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    United States--Description and travel

    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

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    Unknown or Not Applicable

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    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • Location

    Aiken County (S.C.)

  • Scientific Plant Names

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • Common Plant Names



    Warren Grape

    Pauline Grape

    Saluda Grape

  • Contributing Institution

    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library