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February 1868 Home

S. 15 Received a letter this morning from Horace Mann of Cambridge Mass, making inquiries about some of my Books & Plants, to which I have replied. 
This morning I had a visit from two gentlemen Dr Rockwell & Mr Merriman in company with Wood, to take a look at my farm. They are looking at it as a site for an Infirmary, & paid particular attention to the springs

Sunday 16 Pleasant & mild weather like the opening of Spring. Received letters today, one from Commissioner of Agriculture with $10 for one pound Lespedeza striata seed - & one from Roby Snowden enclosing balance of money for Grape vines & Roses ($8.50) after deducting cost of 2 gals Whiskey ($9.50). Emily is to go down this afternoon with Mr Heyward & Meta to Penchance, in place of Lydia who returned yesterday.

M. 17 Received this morning a letter from Rev. Wm Rice, Librarian of City Library, Springfield Mass, inquiring the price of my copy of Audubon & Bachmans work on Quadrupeds of N. A. - also a catalogue from Decaisne of the p1ants cultivated in the Jardin des P1antes, Paris.

Th. 18 Heard from Harry this morning. He expects to come over on Friday or Saturday. I have made up the package of Plants to be sent to Denslow & will send it off today by Express I hoard today that T. N Chapmans body was brought over yesterday from Augusta, where he died. The report of his death two weeks ago was premature.

W. 19 Mr Cornish called this morning & I gave him cuttings of Purple September Grape - Downings Ever bearing Mulberry, & rooted plants of Bougere, Amandine & Hybrid perpetual Roses, I have been setting out Roses in front garden.

Th. 20 Planted Goodrich Early Potatoes & Brodies Seedling Part of the most Northernly row is Brodies & the Southern row is of entire small potatoes of the Goodrich Early.
We have had so cold a winter thus far there are no signs of trees putting out their blooms. The flower beds have not begun to swell. Sowed this morning Irish Potatoe seeds.

F. 21 Received a letter from Mr Dove informing me he had sent by Express some grape vines

S. 22 Received last night a box of grapes (rooted & cuttings) from Dr Wylie of his Hybrids. I have been planting them out today. 

Sunday 23. Emily returned home yesterday evening, having spent the week with Meta Heyward in the country at Tom's place. I received by Express a package containing two grape vines from Mr Dove of Doves Station SC

  • Title

    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1866-1869: Page 149

  • Date










  • Subject

    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    Ravenel family

    Fungi of Carolina

    Illustrated by Natural Specimens of the Species

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    Berkeley County (S.C.)--History--19th century

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    United States--Description and travel

    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

  • Description

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • People

    Audubon, John James, 1785-1851

    Bachman, John, 1790-1874

    Decaisne, Joseph, 1807-1882

    Wylie, Alexander Pearson, 1816-1877

  • Location

    Aiken County (S.C.)

  • Scientific Plant Names

    Lespedeza striata

  • Common Plant Names





  • Contributing Institution

    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library