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of loss, & the obligation is assumed knowingly. It is better that individuals should suffer, than the public faith which stands pledged in the law of Contracts, should be violated I am opposed to Legislation on the subject. Individuals can act according to their sense of justice. I have bonds from Peter & Charles Snowden to the amount of $7770 for the purchase of negroes 12 years ago. I shall propose to commute the debt for one half, (provided they are able to pay as much as that,) but under no circumstances do I mean to embarrass them by requiring even that amount. If we are all reduced to poverty, it is by the providence of God, & it is not for me to add still more to their destitution. 

F. 15 I collected yesterday 55 lbs of Flowers grape & put them to ferment for wine at 5. P.M., adding 5 lbs sugar to them after being mashed. Today at 12 M. the ferment had risen one inch.

S. 16 Ferment half an inch higher at 6 A.M.
Our State Convention is now in session, though we hear nothing of their proceedings. I believe our true policy is to act promptly in accepting as final & irreversible the abolition of Slavery. It has been accomplished through military orders & proclamations, partly when the war was going on, & partly under the settlement of terms of peace. There is no doubt of its being a sine qua non, in any terms of lasting peace between the two sections of the country. The amendment to the Constitution has not yet been adopted abolishing Slavery but there is no doubt of its being done in the course of the coming year. By accepting promptly that which is inevitable (& under the circumstances in which we are now placed, expedient & proper) we disarm the Radicals & other enemies of their only weapon of offence against us - we gain as friends the great masses of the conservative portion of the North, & by quieting all apprehensions on the part of the government of any active opposition from the South, we regain our position as states co-equal & Sovereign (?) with the rest. We can then remain passive with regard to all the important measures of Legislation, until complete harmony & confidence is restored

  • Title

    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1865-1866:Page 51

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    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    Ravenel family

    Fungi of Carolina

    Illustrated by Natural Specimens of the Species

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    Berkeley County (S.C.)--History--19th century

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    United States--Description and travel

    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

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    Aiken County (S.C.)

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    Unknown or Not Applicable

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    Flowers Grape

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    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library