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July 1884 Aiken S.C.

S.12 On 2d ballot yesterday in Chicago, Gov Cleveland of New York received the Democratic nomination for President - & T. A. Hendricks of Indiana for V. President. Clear & hot. Sunday 13. Clear & hot M.14 Lyds birth day, 45 years old! Heard from Harry today. They expect to leave Darien on Wednesday 16th & hope to be here on Friday. Miss Fannie expects to leave us by 12.30 train for Augusta. Very hot - needing rain.
T.15 Very hot & dry. - Heavy rain in afternoon. W.16 W. A. Schmidt died suddenly yesterday evening at his Store at 9. P.M of heart disease. Hot & clear
Th.17 A letter from Rawson, clerk of Com. Of Ag. States that Col. Butler is called away again, but requests him to write & ask that I should take charge of the New Orleans Exhibit of grasses, woods &c from this State, I will reply tomorrow & probably accept the appointment. F.18 Col Sims of Columbia called to see me last night, at the request of Col Butler, & we had a long conference on the subject of my accepting the offer of Col. B. Heavy rain last night
S.19 Harry & his family arrived here by 6 P.M train yesterday- all well. He left Darien on Wednesday night at 12 - & reached Savannah at 3.PM on Thursday, took the night train for Augusta, & arriving there after the morning train had left, was delayed until the 5 PM train - Sunday 20. Clear & warm. M.21 Mary arrived home today from Charleston, having left us on 22d May, nearly 2 months. She spent portions of her time with Carrie in Florence, at Pinopolis & in Charleston. Received from the author, Revd Francis Wolle, in his late work on "The Desmids of U. S."
T.22 Sent specimens of big grape vine from Bairdue Bluff to Sargent. Hot & clear
W.23 Hot & clear. Th.24 Hot & clear. F.25 hot & clear. S.26 Hot - rain in afternoon
Sunday 27. I expect to go up to GreeneVille tomorrow to attend the meeting of the State Ag. Soc. & the State Grange. I hope to meet there, Commission of Agriculture & the township collectors, so as to arrange a plan of operation in procuring articles for exhibit, of wood specimens, grasses, Hay plants &c

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    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1884-1887:Page 10

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    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    Ravenel family

    Fungi of Carolina

    Illustrated by Natural Specimens of the Species

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    Berkeley County (S.C.)--History--19th century

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    United States--Description and travel

    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

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    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library