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  • Title

    Letter, 1847 December 18, Henry William Ravenel (Black Oak, S.C.) to Moses A Curtis (Society Hill, S.C.)

  • Date


  • Subject

    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    Ravenel family

    Fungi of Carolina

    Illustrated by Natural Specimens of the Species

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    Berkeley County (S.C.)--History--19th century

    Botanists--South Carolina--History--19th century

    South Carolina--Social conditions

    United States--Description and travel

    Aiken County (S.C.)--History

  • Description

    Letter from Henry William Ravenel to Rev. Moses A. Curtis. Ravenel tells Curtis that, with the help of Curtis's notes, he has just finished labeling and placing all of his fungi samples. He notes that the numbers he chose as labels may require some adjustments in the future. Insects has wreaked havoc on many of his specimens. He then describes a liquid that he would like to try soaking his specimens in, presumably to preserve them and prevent insects from destroying them. Ravenel makes observations about Curtis's notes and then tells him that he recommends getting new tools from Walker's in Charleston. He purchased his own tools there, too. He has enclosed Sphaenia samples in various stages of growth in the letter to Curtis for examination. Ravenel hasn't been in the woods lately, as he has been preoccupied at home, but he would like Curtis to recommend somebody with whom has could exchange Phanerogams. Dr. Mead of Illinois asked Ravenel to exchange some plants and Ravenel notes that Sullivant has more than half his moss samples. He also notes that he lent Asa Gray many specimens and assumes they were passed on to Tuckerman, but has not heard anything of them in over a year.

  • People

    Oakes, William

    Olney, Stephen Thayer, 1812-1878


    Sullivant, William Starling, 1803-1873

    Gray, Asa, 1810-1888

    Tuckerman, Edward, 1817-1886

  • Location

    Charleston (S.C.)



    Society Hill (S.C.)

  • Scientific Plant Names

    Hypogacus Fungi




    Sarasinula Manginata

  • Common Plant Names


    Pride of Indies



  • Contributing Institution

    University of North Carolina. The Wilson Library