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Feb. 1861 Hampton hill 

Th. 14 This morning Peter Snowden & I rode into Aiken to see Sam Legare - This afternoon we took Charley in to see Mr Giles & enter him at the school. Beekman took his measure for his clothes & he will make a beginning tomorrow as a cadet 
Our Congress at Montgomery are making progress in inaugurating the new confederacy but nothing is known of the progress of the Peace Conference in Washington. The votes were officially counted in the presence of Congress yesterday, & it was officially announced that Abraham Lincoln was elected Presidt & Hannibal Hamblin V. P. -- of What?

F. 15 Peter Snowden left us this morning. I rode down to the Depot & saw him off. Charley went to the school & had his lessons set for Monday. 
The papers give us the substance of remarks made by Lincoln

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    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1860-1861:Page 90

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