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  • Title

    Letter, 1847 July 3, Henry William Ravenel (Black Oak, S.C.) to Moses A Curtis (Society Hill, S.C.), Page 3

  • Date


  • Subject

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • Description

    Letter from Henry William Ravenel to Rev. Moses A. Curtis. Ravenel describes the A. Fruitcosa and the Ageratina Herbacea to Curtis, stating that upon observation of the species he found them to be blue, purple, hairy, glandular, 4-5 feet high, and in some specimens, nearly white. Next, he will examine the fruit. In this letter Ravenel is quite concerned with the vocabulary of colors and classification. There are shades and hues which the eye can detect but for which Ravenel has no vocabulary. Then, Ravenel references a rebuke Curtis published in the Southern Quarterly Review to those "[see] a God in nature" but who deny God elsewhere. Ravenel connects this philosophy to a certain group of literati and has problems with this mentality. He declares that this philosophy must be met with its own weapons and applauds Curtis for taking a stand as the "champion of truth."

  • People

    Elliott, Stephen, 1771-1830

  • Location

    Pinopolis (S.C.)

    Society Hill (S.C.)

  • Scientific Plant Names

    A. Fruitcosa

    Ageratina Herbacea

  • Common Plant Names

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • Contributing Institution

    University of North Carolina. The Wilson Library