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May 1874 Aiken 
M. 25 Yesterday afternoon, Mr Walker called for Mary & Sue for a ride She is still weak this morning - Heard from Harry - He sent a check for $20. Of this $6.00 is for Penny - S3.50 to pay half of 6 months subscription to News Courier (with stamps) - enough to be used to buy materials for his shirts & the balance I am to keep. Got a P. 0. Money order to be sent to Ed Cain by letter tomorrow - money for Emily to make purchases with
T. 26 Clear & hot - yesterday thermometer over 90 - today better. Received by mail plants of Othonna crassifolia from Marot of Gard. Monthly 
W. 27 Clear & hot - Gardens suffering much, & especially the young plants in flower garden, which I am watering every day to keep alive. Several have already died
Th. 28 Hot & clear. For four or five days we have had it very hot, with a cloudless sky & the air extremely dry. The gardens are suffering much & many of my young plants from Hoopes which had been growing off finely have died. By shading & watering I am trying to save those that are most drooping. Irish potatos vines have been dried & Green Peas. Beets lying flat, tomatoes & guinea squash drooping. 
F. 29 Clear & hot! Drought increasing & vegetation distressed. Sue seems to be getting better - not so weak, & without headache Last night Lyd & Carrie went to the German festival & dance at Coker spring. 
S. 30 Attended a meeting of the Grange today, at which we initiated members in the 2nd, 3d, & 4th degrees. Still very hot & very dry! Seigler brought me a Cow & calf yesterday afternoon, for which I paid him $25.00 
Trinity Sunday 31. Mary, & Sue, & Lizzie remained at home - the rest of us went to church - Very hot & dry!

  • Title

    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1872-1876: Page 129

  • Date








  • Subject

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • Description

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • People

    Hoopes, Josiah, 1832-1904

  • Location

    Aiken County (S.C.)

  • Scientific Plant Names

    Othonna crassifolia

  • Common Plant Names

    Irish Potatoes

    Green Peas



    Guinea Squash

  • Contributing Institution

    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library