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December 1878 Aiken S.C.

M. 23 Very cold & clear. Lyd & the children have been at the church all morning - Penny's cough is better today, & she is down stairs

T. 24 Preparations going on in household affairs for the approaching holidays. The Sunday School celebrations of Christmas eve, & the Christmas tree harvest will take place this afternoon. A large box came for Johnny yesterday from his father - not to be opened till tomorrow. Today a box came from Emily & Edward with things for us all.

W. 25 Christmas day! Blessed time all Christendom over, for cheer & good wishes! The clebration of our Sunday school took place yesterday afternoon, - & the beautiful Xmas tree yielded its fruit to all the happy children. Last night the stockings were all filled by the domestic Santa Claus, & at day light this morning the expectant eyes were gratified by inspection of their contents. Johnny opened his box from home before breakfast - & all were happy. 
We received yesterday a nice box from Emily & her family & today a box from Carrie. Clear & cold. Dr Coffin called to pay his Xmas respects about dinner time.

Th. 26 Clouded over in the night. Sleeting & freezing this morning, - then raining.

F. 27 Very cold & clear - ground frozen - the coldest day yet this season.

S. 28 Extremely cold & clear.

Sunday 29 Cold & cloudy

M. 30 Still cloudy, weather more moderate

T. 31 The Edgertons & Cornishes took tea with us last night; cold & cloudy

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    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1876-1883:Page 84

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