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January 1879 Aiken S.C.

W. 1 The new year is ushered in by cold, wet & gloomy weather! We are now 8 in family, including Johnny Billings. Emily & her family are in Charleston, Harry & his wife in Darien, & Sue is with Carrie in Florence. May Cod protect & preserve us all during the ensuing year. Received a package of New Years Cards from Mrs Billings for myself & every member of the family, with good wishes for the New year!

Th. 2 Clear & windy.

F. 3 Clear & very cold - water freezing in the house

S. 4 Extremely cold - water frozen in the chambers. We celebrate today one of the double birth days in the family - Penny & Maime 12

Sunday 5 Cold & cloudy

M. 6 Clear & very cold. The paper from the North give accounts of great snow storms & extreme cold weather.

T. 7 Extremely cold - water frozen in the chambers.

W. 8 Weather changes warmer - variable.

Th. 9 Warm & variable. High wind from S. W. with some rain.

F. 10 Clear & cold. Walked out to Mr [name[s1]] with Penny 
Received a barrel flour from some unknown friend

S. ll Mary & Penny gone to Highland Park to call on Mrs Crooke & Miss [name[s2]]

Sunday 12 Warm & cloudy. I have had a cold & hoarseness for several days. Feeling too badly to go to Church today.

M. 13 Clear & cooler.

T. 14 Planted out grape vines North of barn - 1st row, 5 Scuppernongs (next to barn) 2nd row, 5 Thomas - 3d row, 5 Floras

W. 15 Clear & pleasant yesterday & today

Th. 16 Clear & pleasant weather.

[s1]Surname, starts with M``
[s2]Surname, starts with B.

  • Title

    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1876-1883:Page 85

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    Aiken County (S.C.)

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    Flowers Grape


    Thomas Grape

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    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library