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Pinopolis 1879 July

S. 12 I moved over to Williams after dinner yesterday & will stay here the rest of my time. William came in to breakfast this morning from WoodLawn & then went down to Moncks corner for Theodore. The latter has not grown as much as I expected, & I would have recognized him. Mr Prentiss (their minister) also came up today, & Marianne & Mary Porcher & Mrs W.H. Cain. They expect Tom Ravenel from Savannah by the midnight train - & he & Sam will leave here tomorrow afternoon together. I received a card from Mazyck Porcher to say he was unable to come down to see me. This (we all agree) has been the hottest day - Therm. 101. The very breeze that stirred came to our faces like a hot blast

Sunday 13 Went to Church this morning & heard Mr Prentiss for the first time. Tom came last night & he & Sam will leave this afternoon for Charleston & Savannah. Very hot! Therm. at 9 AM, stood at 89.

M. 14 We had a Thunder storm & moderate rain yesterday afternoon which has cooled the air, & I hope now the intensely hot weather is over. Tom & Sam Pavenel left yesterday afternoon. James Jervey who came up for the day to see his family has also returned. Have been feeling unwell all day - though well enough at 2 oclock to dine at Marias. This is Lyd's birth day - 40 years old!

T. 15 Went out this morning & made collections. Weather more comfortable

W. 16 By a letter from Emily inclosing one from Harry to her I learn that Minnie presented him with a daughter on Friday afternoon July llth - both doing well.

Th. 17 This is my last day in the village, as I expect to go up to Florence tomorrow. Dined at Thomas' & called at Belles & Hamilton Stevens to say good bye - very hot.

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    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1876-1883:Page 104

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    Pinopolis (S.C.)

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    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library