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March 1881 Aiken

Th. 3 Richard Dwight did not leave us today, but will go tomorrow Warm & cloudy - Sent parcel Fungi (single specimen) to Ellis.

F. 4 Inauguration Day for the new President: Richard Dwight left us this morning for Charleston on his way to St Johns. He thinks it probable that he will not return to Edgefield, as the prospect of an opening for a practising physician is not a good one, - several physicians being about to move into the town. He is inclined to go to Sewanee, & take charge of a boarding house near by (about 7 or 8 miles) where he can also practice his profession - but nothing positive is decided until he can see & consult with Rowena.

S. 5 Cold & cloudy with high wind.

Sunday 6. Cold & clear

M. 7 Cold & clear. Received today a letter from Henry, in reply to my inquiry about the state of the swamp. As the [word] is subsiding I shall start in a few days for Darien. I also received two letters from Sargent with full instructions about the wood specimens wanted for the Museum in New York - & for the Census work. Sent parcel 145 fungi to Cooke.

T. 8 Warm & rainy most of the day

W. 9 I have decided to start on my journey to Darien tomorrow, leaving at 2 PM, & taking the night train to Savannah, - spend the day at the Heywards, & leave by steamer on Friday afternoon for Darien. Yesterday's paper announces the death of Mr Edward Mazyck at Lendon Canada on March 2nd in the 82nd year of his age

Th. 10 Attended Vestry meeting last night - I expect to leave at 2.PM - take the night train for Savannah - spend tomorrow at Mrs Heywards

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    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1876-1883:Page 169

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    Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt, 1825-1914

    Ellis, Job Bicknell, 1829-1905

    Sargent, Charles Sprague, 1841-1927

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    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library