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March 1881 Darien Ga

Gordonia pubescens. I stopped at all the Pine land branches & walked about examining carefully for the tree, but failed to find it. I saw a few of G. lasianthus

T. 15 Very heavy with light rain. I have not gone out of the town today. Walked about near the house & made some collections

W. 16 Very heavy today but not actually rainy. I did not like to venture off too far, so walked about the town.

Th. 17 This morning the weather was so pleasant - Harry not expecting any work on the [word], we started for Fort Barrington 14 miles up the river. The weather which at first was perfectly clear, began soon after we started, to cloud up, & when we reached Fort Barrington at 11.20, it began to rain. This place is where the rice bluffs on the highland on the north side. There is a ferry there & only negroes living at the spot. After waiting for near an hour, with out prospect of the cessation of rain we returned to the buggy & came back home. The woods were so wet & the rain continued so uninterruptedly, -het it was impossible to make any search.

F. 18 Heavy weather all morning - & continuing threatening all day

S. 19 Thunderstorm & heavy rain last night - Overcast with light rains during the day. I have been prevented from going out to look for Gordonia since Thursday by the state of the weather. Yesterday I wrote Sargent to prepare him for	a failure of my efforts. - & stated fully the difficulty of finding an unknown tree, without leaves, flowers, or fruit vessels to guide we in the search.

Sunday 20 Cool & clear. Went to church in the morning

  • Title

    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1876-1883:Page 171

  • Date








  • Subject

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • Description

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • People

    Sargent, Charles Sprague, 1841-1927

  • Location

    Darien (Ga.)

  • Scientific Plant Names

    Franklinia alatamaha

    Gordonia lasianthus

    Gordonia pubescens

  • Common Plant Names

    Unknown or Not Applicable

  • Contributing Institution

    University of South Carolina. South Caroliniana Library